Friday, September 3, 2010

Week 1: College Football Against The Spread (0-0-0)

All your potatoes are belong to me.

It feels right, doesn't it? It's September 3rd, the first rush of cool (or if you are in Houston, dry) air is spilling over most of the country, and the football has begun. College Football. America's new past time. Tradition. Rivarly. I'll save you any more short sentances.

Like last year, it's time to put up and shut up. Let's pick the most intriguing games of the week against the spread. Pick your game of the week. And in a new twist this year for the first post, give me your BCS matchups.

Let's get it started!!!!!!!!

Missouri -12 vs. Illinois
Colorado State +11.5 vs. Colorado
Kansas State -1.5 vs. UCLA
UConn +2.5 @ Michigan
5 Texas -30.5 vs. Rice (Reliant)
Kentucky -3 @ Louisville
Purdue +11 @ Notre Dame
Akron +8.5 vs. Syracuse

8 Nebraska -37.5 vs. Western Kentucky
7 Oklahoma -33.5 vs. Utah State
Oklahoma State -16 vs. Washington State
Memphis +21 vs. Mississippi State
Washington +2.5 @ BYU
Vanderbilt +4.5 vs. Northwestern

Oregon State +13.5 @ TCU
LSU -6.5 vs. North Carolina (Atlanta)
Fresno State -2.5 vs. Cincinnati
UNLV +20.5 vs. Wisconsin
East Carolina +7.5 vs. Tulsa
Texas Tech -13.5 vs. SMU
Navy -6 @ Maryland

Whoa! 10 underdogs in 25 picks...some notes....

--UConn straight up at Michigan. Called it in my first post..the end of the RichRod area is nigh.
--CU/CSU is usually a close game.
--Purdue plays the Irish a little closer than expected...
--Jake Locker leads Washington to a win @ BYU...
--Oregon State plays well in Dallas thanks to the Rodgers brothers
--20.5 is a lot of points for a Big 10 team on the road, Wisconsin by 17

Game of the Week

(10) Virginia Tech +2 vs. (3) Boise State (Landover)

Boise State hasn't play a team this talented since OU in the Fiesta in 2007. They executed three perfect trick plays that would NEVER work in succession if you play that game 100 times over. Now they have some starters back and are way overhyped for playing in the Sisters of the Poor conference. They beat another non-AQ in a BCS bowl, child please, color me unimpressed. They beat Oregon at home? Whoopde-do. That's in that blue Boise Triangle of theirs.

Stat you need to know: Boise is 1-8 against BCS opponents on the road. This is a road game.

Va Tech can run the ball. Va Tech can play D. Va Tech will CRUSH the posers from Idaho in Landover, MD. Hokies by 17. It must be to keep everything right in the world.

And now, my BCS bowl picks for the year...

BCS MNC: Big 12 Champion Oklahoma vs. Big 10 Champion Ohio State (OU over tOSU)

Rose Bowl: Pac 10 Champion Oregon vs. At-Large Iowa (Iowa over Oregon)

Fiesta Bowl: At-Large Florida vs. At-Large Virginia Tech (Florida over TCU)

Orange Bowl: Big East Champion Pitt vs. ACC Champion Miami (Miami over Pitt)

Sugar Bowl: SEC Champion Alabama vs. At-Large TCU (Alabama over TCU)

Enjoy! And post your comments and predictions!

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