Monday, October 26, 2009

ESPN Presents: The DeSean Jackson Show

Quick update on the night games from Sunday and tonight...

In Monday Night Football, the Eagles cruise 27-17 behind the DeSean Jackson show, who scored on two long, electric plays (one run and one pass). Redskins look terrible on both sides of the ball and have been devestated by injury. Also hurts that they can't catch the human zip arrow DeSean Jackson! The guy is playing in a different gear than everyone else right now.

The Super Bowl version of the Arizona Cardinals showed up at the Meadowlands last night and ruined my NFC pick for the second straight win. Cards win 24-17 and prove they can run the ball and play defense. Only silver lining here is the long awaited emergence of Chris Wells as a viable fantasy player; he gets 14 carries for 68 yards, 10 more carries than Tim Hightower.

My two main NFL fantasy leagues are looking good. I'll move to 5-2 and a tie for first in my trophy league. I was up 9 going into tonight before DeSean went off and sealed the deal; also helped that Westbrook got hurt and missed the rest of the game. Three weeks ago, I needed 12 in my cash league Tony Romo and Steve Smith on MNF and got screwed, so I was nervous I'd lose this one too.

Speaking of, in my cash league I move to 4-3 and I am still the leading scorer, ready for the push in the 2nd half of the season.

I go 1-1 in my lead pipe locks; results come in tomorrow. I am guessing a lot of folks had to pick the Giants and may share a loss with me.

In my college spread picks, I go 12-10 for the week to move to 68-69-2, just one game under .500.

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  1. 68-69-2 you mean :-p Doing good!
    I'm smelling a good week this week for myself. I've had some bad breaks recently, I feel. Breakout time...

    Carolina-Arizona should be interesting next week.
    I picked up Alex Smith.
    But I think I'll play Delhomme anyways. One more chance to exercise the demons that started last year. Seen some flashes of recovery, but just needs to put it all together...