Friday, October 23, 2009

NFL Lead Pipe Locks Week 7

They got traded on draft day, and now I have to depend on these guys to pull out wins in my lock league this week.

To say I got fooled in my lead pipe locks last week would be an understatement. I chose two teams that were double digit favorites straight up, the Jets at home against Buffalo and Philly on the road at Oakland. Buffalo loses it's starting QB in the 2nd quarter and the Eagles are coming off a bye playing against a team that didn't look like it could beat a high school team the week prior. Easy pickens, right?

Not so much. The Eagles laid an egg and the Jets and Mark Sanchez were left twisting in the Meadowlands wind. Thankfully everyone else chose those games and we were left with a 27% success rate. That leaves me in 2nd place one point out, but now looking up at a 5-way tie for first.

My ineligibles this week are Indianapolis, Denver, Green Bay, Minnesota, New Orleans, New England, Philadelphia, and the NY Jets. I have to choose one team in each conference, I can't choose the top two teams in each conference, the teams playing the bottom two teams in each conference, or the teams I chose last week. Ugh. So I am left with very few eligible games.

For the NFC, I'll take the NY Giants at home against Arizona. The Giants took a licking last week in New Orleans and a healthier Eli Manning should be ready for some retribution. The Cardinals have to travel cross country and are a shell of the Super Bowl team from last year. The Giants are 7 point favorites and represent the biggest eligible line I can take.

For the AFC, I am forced to take the Chargers on the road in Kansas City. I don't know what to make of the Chargers this year. I think LT is on the decline and their defense hasn't played as well as advertised. I don't like taking teams I don't trust let alone on the road. The Chargers are 5 point favorites.

Let me know what you think!


  1. I picked Indy as my lock in my survival league this week. I don't have the same restrictions you do for your league. I only have to pick one team, and am only restricted by not being able to pick teams I have picked before. I picked the stupid Jets last week, and now I have 1 strike against me. If Indy loses to the Big Horn Sheep, then something is terribly wrong with the universe.

  2. Good choice, St. Louis is just terrible. Too bad Rush can't lead them back to the promise land!

  3. You never told me you were keeping a blog again!?!

    I like your picks a lot more this week :D

    Another option would be Philly vs Washington, whom I'm taking for my lock so I can beat Phil :D

  4. Ah, Philly also isn't an option. Then I like your picks as probably the best 2 out there, and two I'd be very comfortable going with :D